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Lindsay Riemer

Office Manager

While the business of construction has always surrounded me growing up, it is my customer service and organizational skills that I bring to our team at Sole. 

I chose to work with my husband and family because our values are integral to the work that we do. Working so closely in peoples' homes involves major trust and communication - and it is the difference that we at Sole bring to our clients' projects. 

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Callie Lamoureux

Social Media

While my full-time job is working for the government, I contribute to Sole Construction through social media. Although I am usually behind the computer, I am occasionally found taking pictures/videos on site. I am proud of the work that the Sole team accomplishes & I feel that it would be a shame not to showcase it one way or another. I can appreciate the hard work that gets invested into every renovation that we do. Showing the before & afters pictures don't quite do it justice but they can be pretty dramatic and I am astonished every time. 

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David Riemer


My brother, Aaron and I loved working together as finishing carpenters, but knew we could bring more to our clients than companies in Saskatoon were currently providing. With an emphasis on communication, customer service and thorough professionalism, we work hard everyday to change the notoriety that contractors are known for, and make renovations a stress-free experience from start to finish for our clients. 

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Aaron Pacik


I am David's younger brother. I joined Sole Construction in 2015 after I received my journeyman certificate with a commercial construction company. Becoming part owner of Sole has helped me to be a better carpenter and a better person. My favourite things involved with my position are teaching people, general problem solving & continuing to expand my knowledge of the trade.

Working together has been a long time dream for me and David. We are both family oriented people. Sole has been a contributor to the Saskatoon community, but it is also like a community of it's own. From customers to suppliers to sub trades, I feel that many people have contributed their own piece of what the Sole community is today. I am excited to see what the future brings and I look forward to working with you.

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