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"It takes hands to build a house but only love can build a home."

Let's talk about the exterior of your home! Investing in the exterior of your home isn't just about curb appeal, especially in Saskatchewan. Due to Saskatchewans mother nature, we experience harsh weather elements throughout the year such as rain, snow, & heavy wind. This is why it is important to invest in your exterior materials such as siding, windows, doors, & roofing. Having new windows and doors can lower your heating & cooling cost, siding & roofing can help with protecting your home against harsh weather , water damage & increase your homes energy performance. In return, you will have a well maintained, protected home for years to come. If you have extra money in your exterior renovation budget, building a deck or front porch would be something we definitely recommend.Deck's increases the living area at a minimal cost per square foot, it adds an aesthetic appeal, relatively low maintenance & well if we are being honest, it's great for outdoor parties especially after being cooped up all winter. Last but not least, exterior renovations can significantly increase the value of your home, giving you a great ROI if you end up selling your home.

We are experienced in all sorts of exterior renovations. So if you need an exterior renovation, we are here to help!

- Roofing - deck repairs or additions
- Siding - new garage builds
- Windows - soffits, fascia & Eavestroughs

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